Friday, November 21, 2008

THEE one night Kili hike!

Alright, so I tried to upload some pictures from the past three weeks but the internet is so slow it won’t allow it. Instead you’ll have to settle for a quick synopsis. So much has happened I’m not exactly sure where to begin, I suppose I’ll start with today—our climb back down Kili. Since we only had roughly a week in Tanz after we finished volunteering Ruby and I decided to split our time between Safari and climbing Kili. Yesterday we climbed over half-way up the mountain and settled for the night in some huts. The scenery was really breathtaking, it was the “forest” part of the mountain terrain with lush, lush tropical forest full of waterfalls and monkeys. When we arrived at the camp with our guide, porter and cook it was bloody cold! I was not expecting it to be as cold as it was. A hat and mitts would have been handy to have. Luckily, we were served a warm meal of cucumber soup (a Tanzanian favourite) with hot tea and toast. We shared out little tiny hut with a 53 old woman from Finland who had unfortunately failed to reach the summit due to altitude sickness and was on her way back down. After dinner we played a couple of hands of Crazy Eights (or in Kiswahili, Chizi Nane) with our guide, cook and a crazy Yankee called Ross (Ross is self-employed in the business of back pack straps, more specifically straps that hold your sleeping bag onto your pack). After a couple of thoroughly entertaining hands we called it a night and settled into our cozy warm sleeping bags for the night. All things considered (the temperature and our snoring finish roommate) we had a relatively peaceful and enjoyable sleep. We awoke at 6:00a.m., had some hot tea and took off on our hike. We reached a height of 3300meters, took some pictures and head back down to camp for some breakfast. After eating we packed our goods and hiked back to the base. Climbing back down isn’t entirely as easy as you might think. It’s easy to loose your footing or trip on the one of the thousands of protruding roots and rocks along the path. We both fell of course—it was inevitable. (Haha)
We’re staying in Moshi town for the next couple of days at a quaint little hotel called “Key’s Hotel”. There is a great pool here and our room is a little round hut with a T.V. AND a shower curtain…You have no idea how much of a luxury a shower curtain can be!
We have lots more to tell about the rest of our safari and we will post again soon with some pics!
2 more days until Thailand!

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Hannuli said...

Are you implying that all Finns snore and loudly!? Hmphf I am completely offended. (though it was only a matter of time until the real truth came out) :)