Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teeny update

When we left Bangkok and headed north to Chang Mai we thought we would escape some of the chaos surrounding the airport seizure but today the REDs (pro-government/Thuksin protesters) were out in full force. We left Chang Mai this morning to do some trekking in the southern area of the province but when we returned to the city this afternoon, the police were out, streets were blocked off, and there was a sea of red shirts. Apparently Chang Mai is a predominantly RED area because Thuksin is from the city. We fly out of Chang Mai (first class, by the way) tomorrow morning and head to the southern city of Phuket. So, hopefully we will fly out safely and avoid the protesters now in Chang Mai.
Trekking, rafting and elephant riding today was pretty great. We started off with the elephants trekking, then hiked through the bamboo jungle, stopped at a beautiful waterfall (whose name has escaped me) and went bamboo rafting down a river that ended up getting everyone wet except Ruby. (I’m still not sure how she avoided getting wet when we went down a small waterfall balancing on only little bamboo logs.)

Now it's time to get some grub.

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