Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally, some pictures!

Balancing on our bamboo raft with two other girls from Alberta. This was taken before we got soaked.

Riding our elephant.


Out of this world cat fish that were basically eating pieces of bread out of our hands. There were hundereds of them jumping to eat the bread. Very bizarre. (This was taken when we did a little boat tour of the canals around the city. )

Rubes and I at the top of the Golden Mount in Bangkok.

There are few things I love more than drinking a bucket of Cosmo and eating Pad Thai I bought on the street.

In BANGKOK-our very first tuk-tuk ride! Haha

A pretty picture from the top.

Rubes at the end of our hike up--just over half-way to the summit.

On the hike up Kili in the "forest area" of the mountain.


Me sipping some coffee early in the morning on the balconey of our hotel which teetered over the crater.

Our huts on Kilimajaro! (Ours is to the right.)

Rubes and I in front of Lake Manyara.

Rubes, Simba (yes, that is his real name) and I infront of the crater.
A family of elephants crossing in front of our Jeep.

In the background there is a sea of zebras and wildabeats and in the foreground--a lonely elephant! ALL of the other animals started to run away when the elephant came near. One of the astounding things about Ngorongoro was the co-habitation of animals-but even though he wasn't a preditor, noone wanted to be friends with this big guy.

This picture is a little out of order since we visited the Masai village first thing when we arrived in Arusha, but this is one of the 7 wives (and grand daughter) of the Traditional Healer that we met with.

I think giraffes are my new favourite animal.

Some cute Zebras at Ngorongoro that were relaxing beside our Jeep.

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