Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween on Zanzibar!

Tomorrow morning Rubes and I are heading to Zanzibar with some other volunteers. Tanzanians don't celebrate Halloween but regardless I wanted to try and celebrate somehow. I made masks today with my class (which i would guess is one of the firsts times they have ever done a craft) and tonight Ruby and I are going to carve some Watermelons! Haha, we're doing the best we can with limited resources--tomorrow is also one of our fellow volunteers birthdays so we'll be going out tomorrow night to celebrate both occasions.

This past week at the school has been much better than the last. We spoke with the gentleman in charge of the school and we were able to convince him to get two more teachers. Now I only have around 40-45 children in my class at a time. Ruby has a little bit more. It's made it much easier to give the kids the one on one time that they need--but still it's very, very hard. With absolutely NO resources it's hard to teach so many children who vary in age and academic ability. Children who aren't fast learners or who are at all slow, really get left behind. The class just keeps going because there isn't time for the teacher to guve any additional help. So, I'm trying to split the class up in groups according to their level. Math is a bit of a problem in my class. Our swahili is improving and we are able to communicate at a VERY basic level with the kids, but it's still very difficult when your vocabulary is so small.

Anyhow, I have to go, not only is my time running out, but I can't stand listening to the woman who owns this internet room chew so obnoxiously any longer. (Tanzanians aren't known for their table etiquette that's for certain.) :)

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Andrew Ludgate said...

Hey Hilds, I hope you didn't drink too much at the party haha. I just read all your posts and it seems like you are having a good time. Keep the posts coming!